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Message from CEO on COVID-19

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Dear valued Customers, Patients and Partners,

We are sharing this information with you to elaborate on Tigermed’s actions regarding the current developments and the global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) to accomplish the continuity of ongoing partnerships.

As one of our valued clients or partners, you trust us to adequately support you in matters ranging from Clinical development and Operations to Biometrics and our Integrated Technology Solutions. Now that the world is dealing with an outbreak of unparalleled proportions (COVID-19), we realize that it is of the utmost importance to inform you of the precautions we are taking to ensure the health of our staff and the continuity of our support to you. Tigermed is committed to protecting both the health of our own colleagues as well as your staff. To ensure that the continuity of our cooperation is optimized as far as circumstances will allow, here are the measures that we are taking.

Safety First

Shortly after the situation became apparent, Tigermed immediately organized a crisis management team to protect not just our own employees but also our clients, healthcare professionals and their patients. Besides working from home, facilitating social distancing, and cancelling any travel to high-risk areas, we also monitor the developing impact of the virus and follow the regulations and guidelines of local health departments and government agencies. To keep ensuring compliance, we are also adhering to ICH, FDA, EMA, and NMPA regulations for clinical trials during the pandemic.

Working Together and Optimizing Remote Working

Under these circumstances, we offer our complete assistance towards our clients and employees and put internal matters aside for the benefit of our cooperation. To this purpose we have also increased our focus on working with Microsoft Teams to be able to optimize our employee’s time when they are working from home.

Practically, we are sorting out the situation in Wuhan and consolidating the collection and analysis of data to be able to arrange next steps while minimizing project risk. Our project leaders have been pro-actively communicating with our sponsors and partners to implement risk management plans and actions.

Looking Toward a Better Future

In the end, we will surpass this challenge together and learn from this experience. To support you in current and future projects, we are staying vigilant and making every effort to secure a safe working environment and to help “flatten the curve”.

We thank you for your partnership and please be vigilant.


Kind regards,




Xiaochun Cao
Co-founder, President