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By combining our professional knowledge and Tigermed’s technical capabilities we are able to offer complete solutions throughout the entire clinical trial. And, by integrating our full services chain in clinical research, we are able to help our clients save both time and costs.


Site Management

Experienced Expertise in Site Management

Tigermed has a professional Site Management Organization (SMO) which provides customized on-site management and clinical operation services for study sites. It is dedicated to providing professional services and real-time assistance to investigators and study sites of non-medical judgment work of clinical trials, in order to improve the study quality, accelerate the project process, and promote the standardization of clinical trials


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As an industry leader we are able to provide full life cycle of pharmacovigilance services. There are nearly 60 specialists in 5 offices for your global pharmacovigilance requirements. Now we have provided services to more than 70 companies for about 200 projects.

  • Pharmacovigilance operations for clinical trial
  • Pharmacovigilance operations for post-marketing
  • Support services outsourcing
  • Data Security


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Third Party Audit and Training

Providing high quality and professional audit and overall clinical trial relevant training service, early participate in the quality management design and execution, conduct systemic audit to the auditee.


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Medical Imaging

Embracing New Technologies

Being the first imaging CRO in China, Fantastic Bioimaging (FAB) provides full medical imaging service for clinical trials which utilize medical imaging as the endpoints for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.


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Clinical Trial System Solution

Clinflash EDC System

As a one-stop service provider, we also invested Cliflash EDC, the first eCRF in China to be operated on different operating systems and mobile terminals which integrated with voices, photos, and OCR, and is driven by active icons.


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Central Laboratory

In-house Central Lab Services with a Global Reach

With a CAP certified and NGSP Level 1 certified laboratory, we are dedicated to providing one-stop central lab services and bioanalysis services for clinical trials as well as scientific consultation, lab kits management, sample management, project management, data management and logistics management.

We have provided comprehensive central lab services for over nine years, including but not limited to oncology, endocrinology, cardiovascular, hemopathy, infectious diseases, COPD etc. with multiple testing platforms supporting hematology, clinical chemistry and integrated biomarker services.


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Pre-clinical Services

Enabling Early-stage Decision-making

Our scientific staff applies proven techniques and best-in-class approaches to generate data for critical milestones and decision making during drug discovery and development.

  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK)
  • Toxicology Services to guide new therapies from discovery to full development
  • Bioanalytical Services to help the molecule to the market
  • CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control) Services to support formulation to the pharmacy
  • Bioequivalence Studies to support for international customers seeking to make applications for approval in the United States


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Research Hospital

A Clinical Research Facility that is Ready When You Are

Combak Hospital is invested in by Tigermed and provides both clinical research and patient treatment. With an operational area of about 14.000 square meters, it is a hospital dedicated to early clinical drug research and development, which is able to provide professional, efficient, and high quality services in phase I explorative research to support the development of innovative drugs in most therapeutics fields, PK/PD research, and BE research.


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Central Labs in US & China

With these capabilities, Tigermed is one of the few drug research and development outsourcing companies capable of providing one-stop laboratory solutions.

Guaranteeing Patient Safety

Our full spectrum of PV services, ranging from case processing to reporting and signal detection, allows Tigermed to secure patient safety.