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Video: What’s New for Drug Registration in China?

By Jianqing Chang, Vice President of Drug Regulatory Policy, Tigermed Co., Ltd.
July 2020


Jianqing Chang
Vice President, Drug Regulatory Policy, Tigermed

  • Before joining Tigermed in 2013, Jianqing worked with RDPAC for 5 years and devoted in the drug regulatory policy advocacy.
  • In her earlier years in the pharmaceutical industry, Jianqing had 15 years’ working experience in drug registration and clinical trial in China subsidiaries of multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Schering AG, SmithKline Beecham and Schering-Plough.
  • Jianqing is a medical doctor by training. She obtained her master degree of medical science and practiced as a psychologist for around 1 years.